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Surgery Sit Down – Let’s Talk All Things Rhinoplasty!

Welcome to the Surgery Sit Down, our latest series where we discuss a range of treatments that are completed on a regular basis here at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery. Follow along with us today as we discuss all things rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. Thanks for watching and be sure to stay tuned for our next video in this series coming soon!

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Practice Consulting Firm, K&B Management, Acquires Renaissance Plastic Surgery

Charlotte-based plastic surgeons announce strategic acquisition over Renaissance Plastic Surgery. CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PRWEB) JANUARY 12, 2021 K&B Management, a Charlotte-based practice consulting firm dedicated to driving healthcare innovation for aesthetic practices, recently acquired Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Concord, North Carolina, a strong start to the year, and the firm. As Co-Owners of K&B Management, Dr. Bill Kortesis MD, FACS and Dr. Gaurav Bharti MD, FACS plan to revamp the practice and upgrade its current offerings by delivering high-value, premium-level treatments and procedures. Newly re-named, H/K/B Renaissance Cosmetic Surgery will serve as an expansion of H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery’s SouthPark and Huntersville practices, allowing for further impact in the aesthetic space. Additionally, Dr. Kortesis and Dr. Bharti will be utilizing their expertise to offer on-site support and guidance, enhancing the established practice’s ability to perform at its best, and to offer patients the best possible results. “Dr. Kortesis and I’s goal is to provide patients in the region, and nation, the ultimate aesthetic experience. The acquisition of Renaissance Plastic Surgery not only allows us to elevate both our team and our brand but is also an important step in bringing premier talent to Concord’s ever-growing area. There is a clear gap in the aesthetic space, and in the future, Dr. Kortesis and I look forward to providing all practices with top-tier offerings, expanding state-of-the-art-experiences to a regional and national level.” says Founding Partner and expert surgeon, Dr. Gaurav Bharti MD, FACS. Dr. Kortesis and Dr. Bharti are award-winning, highly renowned plastic surgeons and health technology investors who have made a significant impact in the industry. Aside from moving the needle medically, the influential speakers and fellowship mentors are driving change in the future of aesthetic medicine, using innovative technology and techniques to help further the next generation of advancements. As current Co-Owners and Managing Partners of H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery, the businessmen have created a foundation for premier, luxury experiences. The practice has experienced comprehensive growth since its inception, expanding to a second location, increasing from one to three surgeons, and adding multiple mid-level providers over time. The unparalleled experience and success seen at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery is possible through the knowledge and dedication the surgeons continuously show their patients. Through these new endeavors, the doctors are combining their extensive medical experience with their business acumen and innovative mentality to help other practices grow their practices and better serve their patients. “What makes this opportunity so exciting for us is that we are able to come in and guide these practices, not just as businessmen, but from physician to physician. Dr. Bharti and I wanted to use K&B Management to empower others in the field because we understand the obstacles physicians can face throughout their journey in the medical aesthetic space. Every practice should have the ability to provide the same luxury-level treatment that patients seek at H/K/B Cosmetic Surgery, and H/K/B Renaissance Cosmetic Surgery is a great step in the direction of working with those in the surrounding community,” says Co-Owner and Managing Partner, Dr. Bill Kortesis MD, FACS. K&B Management strives to provide solutions to practices looking to grow, and the strategic acquisition of Renaissance Plastic Surgery is a significant step forward in increasing access throughout growing areas to premium-level services and offerings. In the future, the firm plans to expand upon its current capabilities and provide professional, actionable guidance on a regional, as well as national level.

Empowering Aesthetic Surgery with Launch of Augmentation Mastopexy

K&B Management Co-Editors to offer expertise and detailed insight and instruction on mastopexy and accompanying breast augmentation procedures. CHARLOTTE, N.C. (PRWEB) MARCH 23, 2021 Augmentation Mastopexy – Mastering the Art in the Management of the Ptotic Breast provides an in-depth review of the challenging procedure of combining breast augmentation and mastopexy as one surgery for plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Dr. Bill Kortesis MD, FACS and Dr. Gaurav Bharti MD, FACS of K&B Management are co-editors of this comprehensive and methodical literature that has been used by industry professionals as a guide for this dual procedure. “These are complicated procedures that can safely be combined as one,” says Co-Owner and Managing Partner, Dr. Bill Kortesis MD, FACS. “With adequate knowledge of the various techniques and procedures and the review of case studies, surgeons are able to better understand and provide quality aesthetic solutions to their patients.” Mastopexy is the surgical name for what is more commonly known as a breast lift. For decades, many plastic and reconstructive surgeons have preferred to perform both mastopexy and breast augmentation surgeries as two separate procedures due to the challenges of pairing both surgeries simultaneously. The goal of both breast augmentation and mastopexy is to elevate the position of the beasts while increasing the size of the breasts and can safely be performed with methodical planning and intra operative execution. “Our goal of the inception of K&B Management is to drive healthcare innovation for aesthetic practices and with this book, we continue to provide professional medical and aesthetic value to the aesthetic space,” states Founding Partner and expert surgeon, Dr. Gaurav Bharti MD, FACS. Augmentation Mastopexy provides practicing aesthetic plastic surgeons, fellows, and residents with comprehensive explanations of mastopexy and the accompanying breast augmentation techniques, potential risks and complications, case studies, as well as full-color medical imaging throughout the book. The book is co-edited by M. Bradley Calobrace MD, FACS and Chet Mays, MD. Augmentation Mastopexy – Mastering the Art in the Management of the Ptotic Breast is available for purchase on Amazon and other online retail outlets.

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