“I want to make people happy. One of the ways I make people happy is by reconciling the way that they feel internally with the way that they look externally, and unifying those together. That’s what aesthetic wellness is.”

2020 Year in Review

From COVID-19 forcing plastic surgery facilities to temporarily close, to receiving a flood of patients after reopening, 2020 has definitely been full of unexpected events. Follow along as we walk you through exactly what the 2020 year brought for us, as well as what we look forward to for 2021!

Dec 2020

Finding Work-Life Balance As A Plastic Surgeon

As plastic surgeons, we sometimes forget the importance of exercising work-life balance.

After all, we are extremely passionate about what we do. We love taking care of our patients.

But in order to avoid the terms “workaholic” and “burnout,” you need to set boundaries. Time management is everything for practitioners.

Without it, it’s easy to lose sight of being present, enjoying life, and spending time with friends and family.

Aug 2020

Regenerative Medicine Is The Way Of The Future

The future of plastic surgery lies in regenerative medicine. We dive into one of our biggest passions: preventive and restorative treatments.

Many patients are seeking natural ways to maintain their aesthetic wellness and with autologous filler, which includes things like fat, PRP, PRF, and adipose-derived stem cells, we can take from the body and reintroduce elsewhere.

There’s still a lot of scientific research being done and our goal is to continue incorporating these modern practices into how we operate, interact with, and guide our patients towards their desired outcome.

July 2020

Plastic Surgery Is Popular Across ALL Demographics

As a society, we are undergoing a transformation where plastic surgery is no longer considered “taboo,” but an accepted part of a healthy AestheticWellness regimen for both men and women.

Younger patients are looking at this concept of pre-juvenation and scheduling treatments to prevent signs of aging, while men are able to obtain their desired physique and definition with minimal trauma to the body.

As practitioners, we have this incredible opportunity to help people rediscover their confidence and boost our patients’ happiness through plastic surgery and innovative aesthetic treatments.

July 2020

The Benefits Of Non Invasive Body Contouring

Minimally-invasive & non-invasive body contouring have become major disruptors within the aesthetic industry. These innovative treatments facilitate muscle stimulation, cell turnover, skin contraction, & fat reduction – using one device to target all areas of the body.

While these continue to grow in popularity, advancements in echnology have helped make surgery more mainstream as well. Both men & women want their definition of an optimal physique and it’s incredible how small procedures can produce real results.

July 2020

Plastic Surgery Will Always Be A Part Of Your Practice

Has plastic surgery become a thing of the past? Dr. Bharti and Dr. Kortesis weigh in on where surgical procedures stand in the field of aesthetic wellness.

They also dive into the importance of focusing on the patient experience through active listening, guidance, and optimizing the post-op recovery period (in terms of minimizing pain).

Today’s practitioners bear the responsibility of always improving patient outcomes. Technology may change, but delivering what your patients want is imperative to building a successful practice.

July 2020

Energy-Based Treatments Are Key To Facial Rejuvenation

There’s a large emphasis being placed on facial rejuvenation right now. A popular buzzword floating around beauty magazines these days is “energy-based devices.”

RF microneedling not only improves skin laxity, but it stimulates collagen production and dissolves fat – all by releasing pulses of energy into the skin. We like to tailor our treatments to the specific needs of each patient we meet as these procedures can be incorporated into your overall aesthetic wellness regimen.

Rather than a one-and-done treatment, these minimally-invasive devices can become a regular part of your beauty routine – just like a routine visit to your physician.

Fundamental wellness and tailoring programs to individual patient needs have become a large part of our everyday practice.

July 2020

2020 Beauty Tips & Trends: What Cosmetic Procedures Are Super Hot Right Now?


Let’s face it: nobody wants to see their skin beginning to age. The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity are just a few of the common complaints we hear from patients. In this video, we discuss some beauty tips and trends, both classic & new.

Looking for a healthy glow? Rejuvenating skin requires both aesthetic wellness – through treatments like Botox, Dysport, and Jeveau – and a healthy skin care regimen. Not only should you incorporate a cleanser and moisturizer (preferably with SPF) into your daily routine, but agents like Vitamin C and Retinoic Acid are also effective ways to stimulate cell turnover and regeneration.


July 2020

How Did Gaurav Bharti Become A Successful Plastic Surgeon?

Today we delve into the brains behind the brawn: Dr. Gaurav Bharti – and his passion for the field of aesthetics and plastic surgery.

Discover what drove Dr. Bharti to become a surgeon, the mentor who had a profound impact on his career as a plastic surgeon, and why he’s passionate about the world of aesthetic medicine.

Jun 2020

The Importance Of Aesthetic Wellness And Resiliency During An Unprecedented Time

The aesthetic wellness space, along with America as a whole, has an opportunity to inspire change. 2020 is giving us a run for our money, but if we all take a minute to step back, reflect on what’s going on in the world, educate ourselves, and actively pursue change, we will become stronger and united.

Jun 2020

The Importance Of Having A Strong Online Presence For Your Brand

Many cosmetic surgeons ask us about online branding and how they can stand out from their competition.

Having a good online brand is a valuable source of establishing authority in the field and attracting your ideal patients. It requires a mix of patient reviews and a consistent, authentic presence on social media.

What platforms should you choose? What do you do if you get a bad review? How do you differentiate your practice from your top competitor?

We delve into all of this and more.

May 2020

The Definitive Guide To Investing In New Health Technology For Aesthetic Medicine Practices

You’re constantly getting hit up by reps selling new health technology. As a busy provider, how do you decide what the best investment is?

Besides determining whether or not the energy device is effective and produces results, you need to calculate your ROI, build the right framework for integrating the device into your practice’s ecosystem, and devise a marketing strategy to attract new patients and ensure profitability.

May 2020

We Make Aesthetic Medicine Practices Profitable

Our mission as plastic surgery consultants is to help the aesthetic market achieve growth & profitability. Plain and simple, we make aesthetic medicine practices profitable.

Whether you’re a new-to-the-world startup in need of investment funding or you’re a practice looking for ways to introduce new medical devices and technology, we bridge the gap between business and medicine.

May 2020

The Healthcare Industry Will Be The Leader In Innovation

What will the future of the aesthetic – and overall healthcare – industry look like? Is this a good time to invest?

We both sit on multiple advisory boards and it’s a privilege to witness & be part of our evolving healthcare system.

The medical space, Health Tech companies, and pharmaceutical companies are all on the brink of driving tremendous growth – technology is going to skyrocket, and innovation around treatment options and patient outcomes will usher in a new generation of advancements.

May 2020

The Touch-less Experience: What Patients Can Expect After COVID-19

As medical practices begin opening their doors after COVID-19, what can patients expect from their physicians and providers?

We believe Telehealth will continue to be a huge component of the future of healthcare. Patients will also see practices implementing new safety measures – transitioning many processes over to digital to create this touch-less experience. We can’t emphasize enough that while the medical landscape is altering some protocols, patients must remain vigilant and take care of themselves through regular checkups.

While the future of patient care may look different and telemedicine visits are here to stay, this is an opportunity for healthcare providers to provide better care, and give patients the time and attention they deserve.

May 2020

We Help Plastic Surgery Practices With Our Access To Capital

We are plastic surgery consultants who help aesthetic medicine practices across the United States enhance their business models and offload problems that are hindering financial success.

April 2020

The Operating Room: Where Cosmetic Surgeons Become Athletes

Welcome to the playground of cosmetic surgeons – a.k.a. our operating room – where we spend the majority of our days. No matter what’s going on in the clinic, what’s going on at home, or what’s going on in our heads – when we step into the operating room, we are solely focused on our patient.

Aesthetic medicine used to be very paternalistic – but that has become antiquated. Now, we build authentic relationships with our patients, devising customized plans to give our patients the results they want.

April 2020

Wait! Actually, Why Did We Start A YouTube Channel?

Want to know why we created a YouTube channel? Watch as we discuss our passion for connecting with patients, business owners, and entrepreneurs within the medical & aesthetic industries – and see what else we have up our sleeves.

April 2020

The Holistic Approach To Our Cosmetic Surgery Business

Today we are discussing our holistic approach to running our cosmetic surgery business, our investments, and the standard of care we deliver. We are always looking at the broader picture and helping our patients achieve both internal and external aesthetic wellness. Just patching things up won’t provide ideal results – and we always strive to educate our patients on this philosophy.

We will never stay stagnant or become complacent because we are forever evaluating our practices, learning from other industries, and incorporating new advancements into our business model. We push each other to do better each and every single day and encourage you to do the same!

April 2020

We Feel Passionate About Driving Change In Aesthetic Medicine

We can’t help but feel this boundless enthusiasm for improving the aesthetic industry and discovering a superior way of doing medicine. Not only is it a way to help people reconcile the way they look on the outside with the way they feel on the inside, but it’s something that truly crosses all socioeconomic statuses, all races, and all geographic areas of the world. In addition, we feel passionate about driving change in the healthcare arena – both from a business and innovative medicine standpoint.

April 2020

What Is Aesthetic Medicine Going To Do After The COVID-19 Crisis?

As aesthetic medicine practices get closer to reopening, everyone wants to know what things are going to look like once our doors open again. Not only must we follow state, local, and CDC guidelines, we want to minimize patient thoroughfare by using a combination of telemedicine and in-office appointments.

This new norm calls for enhanced safety protocols and regular communication with colleagues both within and outside your specialty area. Why? Because we need to adapt and establish a consensus.

Learn more about what plastic surgery practices should be doing now in preparation for operations to resume.

April 2020

Telemedicine: Master The Art Of Virtual Consultations

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to virtual consulations. The key is to exercise the same practices and level of care as you do in the office. We truly believe telemedicine will become the new norm. Take a look as we demystify some of the information surrounding the use of virtual consultations in the aesthetic medicine space.

April 2020

Plastic Surgeons: Be That Beacon Of Hope During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We owe an immeasurable debt to every doctor, nurse, first responder, and person who is putting their life on the line to save the lives of others during this COVID-19 crisis. In our aesthetic medicine practice, we are doing follow-ups and virtual consults to stay engaged with our patients and demonstrate how much we truly care. We want to be that beacon of hope during the uncertain times of the COVID 19 pandemic.

We encourage all practitioners and their staff to be that positive voice for patients.

Just seeing your face can have a tremendous impact on their lives!

Watch the video to discover what we are doing in our plastic surgery office to survive this Coronavirus pandemic.

April 2020